Sample Question : 37

 Question : 37

Which three statements regarding Network I/O Control (NIOC) are accurate? (Choose three.)

A. NIOC enforces traffic bandwidth limits on the overall vDS set of dvUplinks.
B. NIOC limits maximum throughput control on connected virtual machines.
C. Load based teaming efficiently uses a vDS set of dvUplinks for network capacity.
D. Isolation provides priority to any one traffic flow.
E. Relative shares fairly allocates available bandwidth among multiple flows.

Answer : ACE


VMware Partner logo

VMware Partner with orchestration project container children kubernetes Google, mesosphere and Pivotal Cloud Foundry as part of efforts to help companies in the implementation and management of containers.

The last step will allow companies to Docker containers in VMware Fusion, VMware vCloud VMware vSphere Air and also to simplify the implementation of solutions of great planning and managing cluster resources for container VMware infrastructure to implement.

VMware Cloud Application Kit Colbert vice president and CTO, said: Our focus is on companies with a shared platform for the construction, operation and management of applications on offer scale.
Together with our extensive network of partners, we are enabling businesses to minimize integration cost, time and effort to secure implementation and management of container applications wherever they want, either on the premises of VMware vSphere or VMware vCloud cloud in air.

Companies will be able to develop and run applications quickly and safely through the private, public and hybrid collaboration with Mesosfera clouds. VMware companies with more options for the provision and disposition of containers, tanks and applications to deliver applications on data centre services including Hadoop, Spark, and Cassandra together.

Moreover, these last Integration Company with one click using Docker container from the desktop to the cloud, faster installation and deployment of VMware vSphere kubernetes on container cluster deployment, management and orchestration.

Companies can also fast to implement hand container instances of Linux applications by simple VM installation Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform VMware vSphere.

Mesosphere marketing vice president Matt Trifiro said: Enterprise customers are excited about VMware’s integration with Mesosphere. The integration of Mesosphere and VMware vSphere will make it easy for them to write, deploy and manage containerized applications at scale. Containers are a great format for packaging tasks, but you need to pair them with Mesosphere’s technology if you want to run and operate them at scale.

Sample Question : 36

Question : 36

A company has converted several physical machines to virtual machines but are seeing significant performance issues on the converted machines. The host is configured with sufficient memory and storage does not appear to be a bottleneck. Which metric can be checked to determine if CPU contention exists on an ESXi 5.x host?


Answer : D

VMware To Present At The Barclays Global Technology Conference


VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, today announced that Jonathan Chadwick, VMware’s chief financial officer, chief operating officer and executive vice president and Raghu Raghuram, VMware’s executive vice president, software-defined data center business unit will both present as keynote speakers at the Barclays Global Technology Conference in San Francisco, CA on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. PT/ 3:00 p.m. ET.

About VMware

VMware is the leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that enable businesses to thrive in the Cloud Era. Customers rely on VMware to help them transform the way they build, deliver and consume Information Technology resources in a manner that is evolutionary and based on their specific needs. With 2013 revenues of $5.21 billion, VMware has more than 500,000 customers and 75,000 partners. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the world and can be found online at

Additional Information

VMware’s website is located at, and its investor relations website is located at VMware’s goal is to maintain the investor relations website as a portal through which investors can easily find or navigate to pertinent information about VMware, all of which is made available free of charge. The additional information includes materials that VMware files with the SEC announcements of investor conferences and events at which its executives talk about its products, services and competitive strategies webcasts of its quarterly earnings calls, investor conferences and events (archives of which are also available for a limited time) additional information on its financial metrics, including reconciliations of non-GAAP financial measures to the most directly comparable GAAP measures; press releases on quarterly earnings, product and service announcements, legal developments and international news; corporate governance information; and other news, blogs and announcements that VMware may post from time to time that investors may find useful or interesting.

Sample Question : 35

Question : 35

An administrator is configuring Storage DRS in their environment. The Datastore cluster is composed of 4 VMFS3 volumes and 9 VMFS5 volumes. Storage DRS has been enabled, but is showing as disabled on several virtual machine disks in the datastore cluster. Which two conditions would cause this error to occur? (Choose two.)

A. The virtual machine is stored on a VMFS 3 volume.
B. One or more virtual machines have Persistent disks.
C. The virtual machine is stored on a NFS datastore.
D. The virtual machine is stored on a datastore with a 2mb block size.

Answer : AB