EMC Gives VMware Admins The Reins To Replication And Recovery

EMC has replication and recovery in the hands of VMware administrators with a version of its RecoverPoint software device,the new cloud-computing.The tool,is designed to Recover virtual machines,operating within the management platform VMware vCenter and can store from using any vendor,EMC announced Tuesday at VMworld in San Francisco.The system can be expanded direct-attached storage, network attached storage and storage area networks.Recover virtual machines to be October.Support other hypervisors will come later,the company said.

Mastering virtualization and cloud computing architectures TI gradually EMC is trying to put the checkpoint memory with current practices.Recover Virtual Machine allows virtualization administrators to create replicas of virtual machines without the help of specialists to monitor the backup infrastructure or network connecting,Elizabeth Phalen, VP Business EMC Data Mobility in a online video presentation.

This is part of a broader development enabled by virtualization and cloud technologies, said Dave Simpson,storage analyst at 451 Group.Traditional systems disaster recovery requires a separate identical in the data center,but is now increasingly easy storage and has flexible.Meanwhile storage management is closer to the applications themselves, and that’s as it should be,said.

The rules of application,rather than keeping rules,recovery Simpson said.Disaster to complicated.Startups state,including Switzerland Veeam,EMC administrators push virtualization aided by a more important role in data backup,Simpson said.

Administrators can use Recover VMware virtual machines configured for replication and automatic recovery for anything from a single virtual machine on an entire site, according to EMC.It may be easier to manage current backup configuration by automatically and change the settings backup and recovery of virtual machines as they are created,modified and moved,so EMC.

The automated workflows that can perform include the recovery of corrupted data at a specific time and testing disaster recovery without interruption.Compression, deduplication and network optimization to reduce bandwidth requirements for remote replication and recovery are included.

Recover for Virtual Machines are also the basis for a new version of EMC VSPEX All-in-one private cloud architecture,reached in the fourth quarter.It was announced one of the three new releases VSPEX Tuesday.

VSPEX, was introduced in 2012,a number of architectures combined with EMC storage selected computer components and other network providers.It is similar to the VCE Vblock systems EMC partnership with Cisco and VMware,but can be configured with the gear of a wider range of suppliers.Channel partners can build special EMC VSPEX systems for vertical markets.
On Tuesday VSPEX its parent EMC versions of all-flash memory XtremIO and system-defined storage software announced ScaleIO built.The VMware vSphere XtremIO version includes new software and virtual desktop Horizon View 6 and is designed to access virtual desktops from anywhere for up to 2,500 users.

Sample Question : 29

VMware Question :

Which settings are required for virtual machine guest tagging for VLAN 100 in a vSphere 5.x environment?

A. Port Group configured for VLAN 100, physical switch configured as a VLAN trunk

B. Port Group configured for VLAN 4095, physical switch configured as a VLAN trunk

C. Port Group configured for VLAN 100, physical switch configured for VLAN 100

D. Port Group configured for VLAN 4095, physical switch configured for VLAN 100

Answer: B

VMware Intros The VCloud Air Network, Rebrands VCloud Hybrid Service


VMware announced Thursday the expansion of the VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) with the release of the Air VMware vCloud network. The virtualization power plant, which illustrates the new network, the growth of hybrid cloud service, with the addition of more options for cloud services offer more flexibility for the customer.

The company also has its hybrid-service VMware vCloud and VMware vCloud Air renamed.Future as-a-service offerings from VMware carry the suffix Air brand in the future, the company said. VMware some changes in its network of partners and the addition of a card system that helps customers identify and select suppliers using validated as a hybrid cloud IaaS Powered or Powered. VMware also offers future validations badges, promote air services from additional social future cloud-based services vCloud.

The Red Air VMware vCloud is another essential part of our cloud strategy, the customer choice and flexibility allows the Service, the ideal local cloud based on industry-leading technology from VMware, parents Bill, VP, see the Management Board and CEO of Business Unit hybrid Cloud Services VMware, said in a statement.

VMware has the show a steady stream of products and corporate news in the run-up to its annual VMworld conference in San Francisco period. On Wednesday, the company announced cloud volumes bought it to build a provider of application delivery technology in real time on the delivery of real-time applications through its three focal points of the technology.

Sample Question : 28

VMware Question:

What are three methods of adding virtual machine networking to a vSphere Distributed Switch? (Choose three.)

A. A portgroup can be created using the vSphere client and virtual machines can be added using their Properties tab.

B. A portgroup can be created as part of the Migrate Virtual Machine Networking wizard before virtual machines are moved to the vDS.

C. A portgroup can be cloned from a vSphere Standard Switch, inheriting the virtual machines that were attached to the cloned portgroup.

D. A portgroup can be created using the vSphere client and virtual machines can be migrated using the Migrate Virtual Machine Networking wizard.

E. A portgroup can be created during the creation of the vDS and virtual machines can be migrated using the Migrate Virtual Machine Networking wizard.

Answer: A,D,E

VMware To Offer Additional Public Cloud Services


VMware collusion years, VMworld takes place in San Francisco this year. It is hoped that this conference to resolve VMware expanding their VCHS public cloud infrastructure in efforts to differentiate the business model from other suppliers.Although VCHS has been less than a year, the infrastructure has received mixed reviews.Some administrators seem as if I wanted to integrate into VMware vCenter, while others point to the lack of features and functions found within the interface.According Parents Bill, SVP and GM at VMware, pessimists can finally get away with it.

With a view to the adoption of public cloud in the last five years, there is no doubt that kind of reach a bit of a sticking point, says parents in an interview with eWeek. The current model is not a larger scale.And as we know, this is the next phase of the introduction of the Enterprise Public Cloud.As a result, we will continue to services that help us in the area of compatibility is to differentiate double down and stack.

Parents continue mentioning that VMware for a way to connect with customers seeking to demonstrate that the offer VCHS VMware gives greater compatibility and flexibility for workloads that are currently using in place. We want our public cloud to differentiate ourselves by saying that our clients and potential clients.Look, we think that compatibility with existing environments is the key “Over the last year have shown that we (internally).

Parents mention more successful DRaaS.Disaster Recovery as a Service is a way for companies that can use the VMware VCHS service to start using the cloud services. In fact, he noted that parents DRaaS is “too fast the world’s fastest growing VMware products. VMware sees success DRaaS benefit from the introduction of other niche products, administrators of data centers give more confidence in choosing VCHS competition.