VMware Unveils NFV Platform for Mobile Networks


VMware brings a wide range of virtualization technologies and data center platform open source OpenStack Cloud Orchestration, a platform for network virtualization capabilities create for service providers.VMware announced VMware vCloud for NFV in Mobile this week World Congress 2015 (MWC),say there are providers of communication services (CSP) provides a single platform virtualizes a wide range of features multi-vendor network to run.vCloud is part of a broader strategy VMware,virtualize each resource in the management domain data centers,David Wright,Vice President of Operations NFV Telecommunications Group VMware,eWeek said.

One of [the issues] going to talk about this week [at MWC],the concept of a cloud are many apps.CSPs and support received much attention in the MWC in Barcelona. As the world becomes more mobile and wireless speeds that are faster telecommunications provider under pressure to ensure their networks are scalable and adaptable to be to the changing demand of customers,and rotate faster services to its customers.The announcement of the Hewlett-Packard March 2, the purchase of wireless network specialist Aruba Networks for $ 2.7 billion fits this trend CEO Pat Gelsinger is the mobility to speak in his speech at the MWC March 4.

NFV and Software Defined Networking (SDN) are gaining the attention of service providers and companies seeking greater dynamism, programmable and profitable network and network management and intelligence traditionally lived in switches and routers are patented expensive in the development of software that can easily manage and run on less expensive hardware.

VMware, which has the idea of ​​server virtualization environments standard x86 servers pioneer in adopting the promise of the cloud and center resources software-based data, including memory and networks in recent years more aggressive . In 2012, VMware acquired Nicira SDN pioneer in this technology based on its NSX platform.

VMware NSX found in the highly competitive SDN place against established players such as Cisco Systems, HP, Juniper Networks and Brocade, and now the company is within its vCloud effort to NFV you use.VMware vCloud solution composed of NFV virtualization technology includes computer vSphere, your virtual SAN that offers software-defined storage and vRealize NSX operations, technology cloud management, management packs provide for CSP.

In addition, the Platform or NFV include support Gesamt with OpenStack OpenStack through Integrated VMware offering. It is a widely horizontale platform that is very neutral under Hardware and very neutral for the above applications, Wright said.


The vCloud supply virtually any environment virtualized hardware and run third party applications on top of it, he said. It is kompatibel with over 40 different virtual rot features over 30 vendors, and will only grow in the future, especially what develops embedded VMware APIs for Virtual Environments purpose container as a longshoreman.

NFV Platform VMware sees as helping service providers and operators ohne only adopt NFV, but also to more easily migrate einem Openstack. The vCloud platform for NFV is available immediately, with the integration of VMware Integrated Openstack come later in the first quarter, according to the company.

Do You Need A VMware Type 2 Hypervisor?


Most system administrators are familiar with the different types of hypervisors from VMware. There ESXi, classified as type 1 hypervisor, and runs on servers. VMware also has several type 2 hypervisor for use in laptops and desktops.

While a type 2 hypervisor not the same performance as a type 1 hypervisor to provide the flexibility of virtual workloads on generic hardware will not work in certain situations have their merits. This compilation of articles on VMware type 2 hypervisor can explain what a type 2 hypervisor is used for and what about the new offers of the company that best suits your needs.

What’s The Difference Between A Type 1 And Type 2 Hypervisor?

A Type 1 hypervisor runs on bare metal, which means it doesn’t need an operating system to function on a server. A Type 2 hypervisors requires an operating system to run, so while it’s not a workhorse for running multiple VMs, this tip describes several of its benefits for administrators.

What Are Some Use Cases For A VMware Type 2 Hypervisor?

While VMware produces three varieties of its Type 2 hypervisor, each one is tailored for different hardware and technical needs. These products Fusion, Player and Workstation fill a particular niche for its consumer hypervisor products. This tip explains a few of the use cases for each offering.

What Are Some Key VMware Workstation Features?

VMware Workstation enables users to multiple virtual machines are running on your Windows and Linux operating systems, provided that the hardware requirements are met. It has the ability to run multiple guest operating systems running supported over 200 at last count, but it still needs to be improved and the network deployment in the workstation on May 11 useful in development and test scenarios.

Is Fusion 7 Pro Worth The Price?

VMware recently launched its type 2 hypervisor for Apple users. In a twist last bid VMware Fusion has a professional and a standard version with the previous offer made more powerful features. An important advantage in the Professional version is the ability to export OVF files.Senior Stuart Burns writes about some of the other changes and weighs his opinion about the changes in this version of the merger.

vSphere 6, VMware’s ‘One Cloud’ Strategy Centerpiece, Enters Availability


VMware cloud, every application, the company is in progress any device strategy. On Monday announced the general availability of VMware vSphere 6 flagship suite of software tools for building cloud OpenStack its own flavor and 6 acts vSphere VMware Virtual SAN. 6 VM as the broader center for mixed cloud infrastructure. Although everyone saw improvements, the largest incorporates several functions and products all tied into the larger, hybrid field.

The aim is to provide a consistent environment for all configurations of the cloud, whether private, public or hybrid support of modern and traditional marketing applications. The revolves around a cloud, every application, every device, saying, .Initially announced in February VMware vSphere has 6 improved in a variety of ways, including more than 650 new features, according to the company and the deeper integration. Its function is touted virtual volumes, a set of APIs in third memory storage arrays to get involved.

Virtual volumes also offer dynamic provisioning capabilities and data for each virtual machine and make it easier to manage the storage infrastructure. So far, VV manufacturer support solid memory, so it is probably with what you have to work. HP, IBM, NetApp and Fujitsu have provided virtual volumes Products vSphere enabled.

Waiting for Virtual additional products enabled volumes come in the second half of Atlantis Computing, Dell, Hitachi Data Systems, NEC, NexGen, Pure Storage, Symantec and Tintri.Additionally, has reached the maximum number of hosts, storage and virtual machines expanded greatly in vSphere 6. A cluster can support up to 64 hosts and 8,000 hypervisors, while individual virtual machines vSphere the same for up to 480 physical CPUs, 12 TB of RAM and 1,000 virtual machines can do. VSphere 6 is also available for VMware Horizon 6, your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure optimized offer.

Further improvements are in the form of fault tolerance and high availability (VMotion). Migration and movement is easier, one of the main advantages of a hybrid cloud environment.vSphere capacity take a facelift with improved web interface and the user. VMware customers integrated OpenStack benefit, free for buyer’s vSphere. It is a complete OpenStack distribution with open APIs for accessing VMware Infrastructure, VMware and packages, testing and support all components of the distribution.

Another improvement VMware vSphere Virtual Storage Platform 6A SAN for virtual machines is published in February. Version 6 introduces all flash architecture, snapshots and rack awareness to avoid problems with total failures rack. The company claims that 6 beds and scalability up to 4.5 times more power than the previous version. VMware vCloud Suite 6 integrates with vSphere 6 vRealize Automation (automation software formerly known as cloud vCloud Automation Center) 6.2 and 6 vRealize operations (Management Company) to the data center architecture defined by software I provide based on private cloud.

The last vCloud Suite Release introduced automated infrastructure handed over cost and consumption of virtual reporting capabilities of VMware vRealize standard business 6. Finally, VMware vSphere with Operations Management 6 is a solution platform and integrated management. Provides predictive analytics to simplify infrastructure management and automated recommendations and redevelopment opportunities.

MLB Network Client VMware fully discusses his development into a release.Virtualization press the way our IT problem with our infrastructure interacts changed and allows us to scale to meet our business needs, the Tab Butler, director of media management and post -production on MLB network. We virtualized and automated workflows our post-production and infrastructure with VMware vSphere and helps to increase the speed and content delivery while expanding our services to our customer’s end user. VMware vSphere 6 anticipate expanding more and improve the performance and availability of business-critical applications.

VMware Expands Desktop Virtualization To Linux


VMware Horizon VMware virtualization software suite will soon provide virtual desktop Linux desktops in a network, and Microsoft Windows desktops has been for a long time for the company workers.The distance has made available an early access program launched to customers have a trial version Horizonte 6 based on Red Hat server can pack and Ubuntu Linux desktops so that you can access from remote computers and mobile devices.

Although Windows is still the dominant platform for enterprise desktop, at least a small part of organizations use Linux instead, according to market reports.VMware Horizonte for Linux Early Access program should read this market segment Desktop Linux . The software is designed to allow administrators to control Linux Virtual Desktops your organization with the same tools they use to manage your virtual Windows desktops.

Software Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) may be useful for companies that mobile employees who need access to applications and desktop environments with multiple devices. Virtual desktops can simplify management software and operating large-scale systems.

VMware Horizon 6 launched a year ago, desktop virtualization consolidates VMware products in a suite. The suite includes the management of back-end desktops and applications as well as providing software for various devices such as mobile phones and computer users.

Thursday, the company updated horizons 6 with additional features for managing images in three dimensions and for integration with Software-Defined Networking (SDN), the software now supports VMware NSX, which is set for virtualization of resources of technologies the company network, so administrators setting up and dismantling virtual networks faster.

To enable 3D graphics, VMware has to use the manufacturer of the Nvidia graphics card, the virtual GPU technology on a server so that it worked to deliver on the remote desktop rich graphics. The software also provides a way for applications to remote files on a connected USB drive on the user’s computer to access.